Mikhail Pavlovich Korshunov was a singer of the House on the boardwalk and one of the creators of our museum.
He was born on November 19, 1924. Simferopol, Sloboda melons-El. In the 1930s, Father Misha Pavel Semenovich served as vice-president, then chairman of the Intourist. The family korshunovyh one of the first to have entered the Government House on Vsekhsvyatskoj Street. He studied Mikhail Korshunov at the 19th School on the Sofia embankment, in one class with Yuri Trifonovym and left Fedotov. Before the war, he graduated from nine classes. In 1942, after completing the 10th grade (evacuation), he volunteered to join the army and was sent to the Kharkiv military Aviation school and from there in 1943 to the Zhukov Air Academy. Subsequently, in 1945, the order was transferred to the Institute of International Relations, where, already his in 1946, he studied for three years.
In 1947, Mikhail Korshunov moved to the bitter Literary Institute, and was in the Paustovsky seminar. Konstantin Paustovsky once said of his disciples, among whom were Trifonov with Korshunovym: "They will not betray the literature in the wrong and cowardice, and they will not exchange their nobility for their own well-being." We believe them. "We love them."
After graduating from the Institute in 1951, Korshunov first worked in children's magazines, particularly in the Murzilke. There were over 30 books in the Detgiz publishing house. Since 1956, Korshunov has moved on to creative work, then admitted to the Writers ' Union. His books are autograph, bachelor party, and others. In recent years, co-authored with his wife, Victoria Romanovna Terekhova (also a girl from the Pol House of Government), Mikhail Pavlovich, creates books about the house: In 1995, the Secret of Moscow, in 2002, "Mysteries and legends of the House on the Embankment". These are the words of the last book:
"Whatever I write now about the house of has, however hard," oblijannye the blood of the facts, and no matter how interpreted the story of the house, the modern writers, rushing to podvorovyvaja our lives, I know, do not abandon the lived bersenevskih years, not perecherknuing them Black words, because I, like Yuri Trifonova, like all my friends, all the smell of time forever. I'm not afraid of being primitively sentimental and putting a hand on the rough wall at home, otogrevajaing it, off, although the house is more and more of a legitimate rejection by others. Also, for what the commemorative boards carry, and the people they are in honour of, do not always evoke compassion and understanding … It's true, but it's not going to take his hands off his walls. No ".
Mikhail Pavlovich Korshunov left life on August 15, 2003.