Bronislaw Solomonovna was born in Ukraine, in the town of Proskury. Her father died early, and the mother of Esther Iosifovna stayed with seven children. The armor was junior. A lot of help was provided by the eldest son Mikhail, 1896 years of birth. He was in April, 1917. Joined the Bolshevik party, presided over the clandestine party organizations of Ukraine during the period of the fight against Petljurovshhinoj, and was then commissioner of the 14th Army.
In the future, Mikhail Solomonovich Metallics and the entire family move to Moscow. On the proposal of V.I. Lenin in 1921 M. The metallics were appointed chief of the Kremlin Medical and health administration. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Moscow University.
Bronislaw Solomonovna, 1927. Enrolled in school, received a higher medical education. He later worked as a endocrinologist doctor at Endocrinology Commissariat Health in the RSFSR. Married a lawyer and Ickova, gave birth to the daughter of Galya.
In 1933, M. and B. Metallikovy were participants in the Scientific conference on Endocrinology, held in Paris. There they were, probably accidentally, on the street met L. Sedov, the son of Trotsky. Earlier, briefly, Lev Glinski was married to Anne Samojlovne Rjabuhinoj, his wife, Mikhail S. Metallikova.
Bronislaw Solomonovna was very beautiful, and his husband was very jealous. Family life has failed. She left with her husband's daughter and lived in the older brother's family. In the mid-1930s, Bronislaw Solomonovna, after Ickovym, married Alexander Nikolayevich Poskrebysheva, the secretary of Stalin. She gave birth to her second daughter, Natasha.
Information about the metallic meeting with L. Sedov, after the divorce of Bronislava Solomonovny with her first husband, reached NKVD. And in 1937, False accusations were made against brother and sister in connection with Trotsky and counter-revolutionary activities. All of this gave rise to the arrest (6.6.1937) and the subsequent shooting (03/31/1939) by M. Metallikova. With Bronislava Solomonovny, thanks to Poskrebysheva's troubles, the charges were dropped, with the proviso that her name would never again be met in such cases.
But in the same 37, four months after his brother's arrest, he was arrested by Alu Samojlovnu Rjabuhinu, his wife. Bronislaw Solomonovna wrote letters to Stalin and take a look at their case. She only managed to ensure that the nephews of Marina and Sergei were not sent to the orphanage, but that they were given to their grandmother. She helped mothers and nephews a lot. In 1939, at the insistence of the relatives, she went to the Lubianka, asking for his brother's release. Her future fate remains unknown. The car on which she arrived was sent back by the NKVD. She's not back home. On the phone, Poskrebysheva the answer was that she was taken home. All the attempts by Alexander Nikolayevich to release his wife were unsuccessful, and he was advised to find a new wife.
The armor has disappeared, according to the testimony of Marina's niece, on the eve of the May holidays in 1939. Marina Mikhailovna says, "I went to prison with my grandmother, and all of us were told that Bronislaw Solomonovna Metallikova is not on the lists of prisoners." The documents of the investigation are said to have been arrested in the 1940s and sentenced to death on 22 September 1941. She was charged with the same charges as her brother. On October 13, 1941, when the German forces approached Moscow, it was shot. Her ashes, according to the FSB's archives, are buried in the pits of Kommunarka, near Moscow.
On 10 October 1957, Bronislaw Solomonovna Metallikova was rehabilitated. Her name and the name of the Metallikova are inscribed on the memorial plate, which is mounted on the tomb of ASI Samojlovny Rjabuhinoj at the Novodevichy Cemetery.